Board members

Athletics Auckland is run by an elected Board of Directors, which meets monthly. At each AGM two positions become vacant, and any affiliated club is entitled to propose a person to become a director. The other Directors are the President (who is elected each year) and the three section convenors. The Board is entitled to appoint up to two additional members if it so chooses to do so. The Board elects its own Chairman from its own members. 

Following the 2017 Athletics Auckland Annual General Meeting the current directors are listed below. Click on their name and you can read their profile.

If you wish to get in contact with a member of the board please email office@athleticsauckland.co.nz

Murray McKinnon | President 

David Sim | Chairman 

Jim Hogg | Treasurer 

Sasha Daniels | Solicitor 

Anthony Curry | Director

Bryce Hall | Director

Fiona Maisey | Director and Junior Track & Field Convenor

Terry Jensen | Deputy Junior Track & Field Convenor

Peter Booker | Track & Field Convenor

Dianne Craddock | Cross Country & Road Convenor

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